Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments

I've been working with the great folks at Two Old Hippies in Bend Oregon for over a year now. I blog for them about the great work being done by Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments, Breedlove Guitars and Bedell Guitars. These instruments are incredible. I know, because I'm playing them, too.

Here's a pic with my Yellowstone oval hole, which features a facsimile of my left hand tattoo on the headstock. My pal Richard Lovrich—what a talent!—stylized the tattoo and also took the photo (you'll see his work elsewhere on this site, too).

The Post Office

Words of Wisdom

"I believe songs save lives, that it's a worthwhile thing to be doing. Not just the big songs of life, love and death, but the little ones, silly ones, blue ones, one timers, jokes, dirges, work songs, romantic numbers, dreams, painting songs, rockabilly, child songs. It's all good sharing experience, strength and hope through music." Peter Case