Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments 

I've been working with the great folks at Two Old Hippies in Bend Oregon for over a year now. I blog for them about the great work being done by Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments, Breedlove Guitars and Bedell Guitars. These instruments are incredible. I know, because I'm playing them, too.

Here's a pic with my Yellowstone oval hole, which features a facsimile of my left hand tattoo on the headstock. My pal Richard Lovrich—what a talent!—stylized the tattoo and also took the photo (you'll see his work elsewhere on this site, too).

Where I'm Calling From 


I'm just beginning work for a thrilling new project—writing a series of songs based on the works of Raymond Carver. As a young man in the 1980s, Carver left a strong mark on me. As part of a continuing series at the Albany Public Library, I will be spending much of the next few months knee deep in Carver country, guitar in hand. I've already written a brace of songs about John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" for Sarah Clark and her great team at APL. Also penned a handful of murder ballads based on actual Albany crimes throughout the years. Glad to be partnering again for this, tentatively titled "Signals: Songs from Raymond Carver."