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"I believe songs save lives, that it's a worthwhile thing to be doing. Not just the big songs of life, love and death, but the little ones, silly ones, blue ones, one timers, jokes, dirges, work songs, romantic numbers, dreams, painting songs, rockabilly, child songs. It's all good sharing experience, strength and hope through music." Peter Case

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Library Songs

Voorheeseville Public Library, 51 School Road, Voorheesville, NY

An evening of new original songs developed as part of the "Reading Music" series at Albany Public Library, including songs based on the work of Raymond Carver, John Steinbeck, Michael Ondaatje and abstracts of actual Albany County crimes of the past.   Accompanied by bassist Bob Buckley and mandolinist/guitarist Sten Isachsen.



Local Legends Live

Eden Cafe, 269 Osborne Rd #3, Loudonvile, NY

Looking forward to sitting for an interview and singing some original songs at what is a new venue for me. Come on down.


John DeVries & Michael Eck

Half Moon Books, 48 Broadway, Tivoli, NY

The Hudson Valley Fall 2019 Solo Tour continues! So thrilled to be sharing an evening with my old Agit Pop pal, John DeVries. It's been ages since we've gigged together—punk rock days! It's a book store, so I'll be sure to play some of my new songs based on literature, and perhaps some more familiar, too.


As a writer, musician and painter, Michael Eck remains ever fascinated by the deep roots of American music. Using found wood, garage sale brushes, wayward power tools and donated paint, he creates portraits of the great bluesmen, jazz saints and folk pioneers—frequently in flames, sometimes surrounded by a swirl of words and occasionally drilled into oblivion.


His work—often defined as outsider—has been shown side by side with R. Crumb, Howard Finster, R A Miller, J.D. Sipe and Missionary Mary Proctor. Eck’s visual art has also been featured on recordings by New Shiny Things and Streetcorner Holler.


"I hope the images encourage people to explore the secret language of our American music,'' he says. "Something of our souls is locked in the old songs and the old sounds. If we, as citizens and listeners, lose touch with that, then we have lost touch with a part of ourselves and our collective past."


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